After Care

Avoid wetting your lashes for at least 24 hours after application and avoid steam rooms, saunas and swimming for 48 hours.  This includes sticking your face in front of an oven.

Many people are afraid to clean their lashes because they worry about losing the eyelash extensions.  It is IMPERATIVE that you clean your lashes with mild non-oil based cleanser and water.  Baby wipes folded into a square and gently run down the top shaft of your lashes will help keep them clean.

Avoiding your lashes when cleansing your face may cause protein, makeup and skin cell build up at the base of your lashes.  This build-up can restrict new lash growth, cause your lashes to clump together and impact the health of your natural lashes.

You can use water-soluble mascara, eyeliner and makeup as usual, but it’s very important to completely remove makeup products from your lashes as described above.

Avoid oil based makeup removers, cleansers, eye creams and facial moisturizers, as excessive oil will weaken the eyelash adhesive.

Don’t use waterproof mascara as clogs the fibers of the extensions.  It also requires an oil-based remover to take it off.

When showering, avoid water hitting eyes directly.  After showering, or washing your face, try blow drying on a cool setting your lashes in an upwards direction.  You can use your mascara wand to brush and flick lashes into shape.  Only brush on the top, as underneath can loosen the lashes.

Do not rub your lash extensions when you wash your face.  Pat them dry.

Do not tint, perm or use an eyelash curler on extensions as this will cause damage.

NEVER pull out extensions – it will pull out your natural lashes.  If you would like to have your extensions safely removed, please contact me.

Sleep on your side or back with your lashes off of the pillow.

Book your next eyelash refill at 1.5 to 3 week intervals in order to maintain your optimum eyelash effect.