Eyelash Extensions

How great would it be if everyone was born with perfect, long, wispy lashes?

For years mascara, from drug store brands, to high ends brands, was the only solution for the desire to have thicker and longer lashes. As the beauty industry has evolved, so have options for your desired eyelashes. Today, one can pick up a set of single use strip eyelashes from their local drug store to wear for a night out on the town. While these accessories are great for those looking to wear their lashes for a short period of time, they are not of the high quality most women desire. There is an art to proper eyelash extension application. Our professionals are trained in this art, and can also teach you helpful ways to maintain your eyelash extensions between your appointments.  Eyelash extensions is not simply about looking more beautiful, women with full eyelash extensions but enhancing one’s confidence. Here at Fabulashes, we pride ourselves as professionals, to help you look your best and that is not something we take lightly. In our eyelash studio, we work to ensure the satisfaction of all our clientele. Whether you are looking for a natural enhancement, or dramatic look for a special occasion, Fabulashes Eyelash Extensions is here to create exactly what you envision, hand in hand with an immaculate aesthetic experience.

Eyelash Extension Services & Pricing 

All eyelash extension service appointments require a 25% non refundable deposit. 

Naturally Fab Set – $150
A partial set of eyelash extensions.  With this look eyelash extensions are added every few lashes, adding a little more fab to your natural beauty.
Fab and Flirty – $199
A classic full set of eyelash extensions, giving a light, enticing and wispy look.  Great if you love to bat your eyelashes.
FabuLashes Signature Set  – $225
This is a combination of classic and volume with our own little personal touch.  Our signature set  is totally full, flirty and FAB without being over the top.
**FabuLashes Signature Deluxe – $250
We pull out all the stops for this one!  Your treatment starts with our 24 karat gold facial, followed by the application of our Signature set of lashes – a combination of
Classic and Volume lashes.
Dramatically Fab – $289
Ready, set, action! Are you always stage ready? Well, you will be with this set of eyelash extensions – because this one is definitely a show stopper. This is our full set of Russian Volume lashes.
Eyelash Extension Refills
Anything longer than 25 is not a refill it is considered a full set.  You will be charged accordingly.
2 week refills (Classic) – $60
2 week refills (Signature and Volume) – $70
3 week refills (Classic)  – $70
3 week refills (Signature and Volume) – $80
Attention customers: We will no longer accept refills from other salons. Going forward, you must have the original application performed at Fabulashes to be serviced.  The repair time takes as long as the application of a full set, we will gladly remove lashes from another studio and replace them with a set of FABULashes.  Thank you in advance.