Full List of Pricing and Services

“Eyes are the windows to the soul, and lashes are the Perfect Pair of curtains.”

Eyelash Extensions

Naturally Fab Set – $150
A partial set of eyelash extensions.  With this look eyelash extensions are added every few lashes, adding a little more fab to your natural beauty.
Fab and Flirty – $199
A classic full set of eyelash extensions, giving a light, enticing and wispy look.  Great if you love to bat your eyelashes.
FabuLashes Signature Set  – $225
This is a combination of classic and volume with our own little personal touch.  Our signature set  is totally full, flirty and FAB without being over the top.
**FabuLashes Signature Deluxe – $250
We pull out all the stops for this one!  Your treatment starts with our 24 karat gold facial, followed by the application of our Signature set of lashes – a combination of
Classic and Volume lashes.
Dramatically Fab – $289
Ready, set, action! Are you always stage ready? Well, you will be with this set of eyelash extensions – because this one is definitely a show stopper. This is our full set of Russian Volume lashes.
Eyelash Extension Refills
2 week refills (Classic) – $60
2 week refills (Signature and Volume) – $70
3 week refills (Classic)  – $70
3 week refills (Signature and Volume) – $80
We will no longer do refills from another salon.  In most cases, the repair work takes just as much time as a full set.  However, we will gladly remove any lashes not from our salon and properly apply a full set.
**Teeth Whitening
**One Session – $89
**Consultation – $125
**Procedure – $600
A consultation is mandatory for microblading.  If you are a candidate for microblading the consultation deposit will be applied to your procedure.  Microblading and consultation appointments – can not and will not be performed on the same day.
**LED LIGHT THERAPY FACIAL – this facial includes cleansing, toning, collagen and a 30 minute treatment of the LED light followed a brightening moisturizer.  – $150
**24 Karat Gold Facial – this is a mini facial which will help BOOST your collagen.  Collagen is the most copious protein in our body.  Collagen makes up a large part of our skin, hair and nails.  –   $35
**24 Karat Gold Under Eye Treatment – Just need to focus on that under eye puffiness?  Well this BOOST of collagen focuses just on that!  – $19
Lip Plumping Mask – $15
Lip Moisturizing Mask – $15

 Attention customers: We will no longer accept refills from other salons. Going forward, you must have the original application performed at Fabulashes to be serviced.  The repair time takes as long as the application of a full set, we will gladly remove lashes from another studio and replace them with a set of FABULashes.  Thank you in advance. 

Anything longer than 25 days or 75% loss of your lashes is not a refill, it is considered a full set.  You will be charged accordingly.

All eyelash extension service appointments require a 25% non refundable deposit. Microblading REQUIRES a consultation prior to being serviced. Microblading consultations requires a $150 non-refundable deposit, should you be a good candidate for microblading – your deposit will be applied to services rendered.