Terra Mone’

In 2007, I became an addict of eyelash extensions.  At that time, little did I know how it would completely change my life for the better.  As years went on, I became more and more fascinated with eyelash extensions.  It wasn’t until the early part of 2014, I decided to do something about my addiction.  My desire to help others, also with my deep passion for all things beauty, is what got me started in the art of eyelash extensions (along with the swift kick I needed from the woman who was doing my eyelashes at the time).  I found myself intrigued by the artistry involved in transforming a pair of regular eyelashes into a set that were long, glamorous and natural looking.

A few years ago in my quest to combine my passion for helping others and beauty, I gained the ambition I needed to start FabuLashes.

I found a certification program for eyelash extensions and began the process to become certified in the art of eyelash extension. My trainers and teachers were willing to share everything about the art of eyelash extensions they knew with me, and I soaked it all up like a sponge.  I even took it a step further by doing research and continuing to learn more about the health of natural eyelashes and took the necessary steps to obtain my esthetics license.

Through my continuous training I have learned how the art of eyelash extensions is not a frivolous beauty ritual, but one that aids in helping people feel more confident and secure in their appearance. Obtaining my certification and licensing were two very big accomplishments for me, and I work every day to make those who I trained with proud of teaching me.  I love my clients and I love what I do.  As your eyelash extension specialist I will do my very best to give you the look you desire. My goal is to ensure that you walk out of my studio feeling and looking better than you did when you walked in.  As it is my personal belief that when you look your best, you feel your best! 

Contact:  Terra@FabuLashesPhilly.com

FabuLashes of the Main Line (Tuesday – Friday)

FabuLashes of Rittenhouse (Monday and Sunday ONLY)